My aim as a counsellor in Ireland is to support you and offer you a safe space to reflect on your world:

  • Where you can express yourself freely

  • Where you are not alone

  • That is inclusive

  • That is nourishing 

  • That promotes diversity by being open and accepting.


I continue to challenge myself and commit to exploring any unconscious bias I conform to.


I stand for the mutual respect of all individuals in this society and support those who often fall under the radar.


My approach centers on the environment that surrounds us and I aim to be ecologically conscious in my personal life and with my business.

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The Counsellor

Originally from Tipperary, I have been living in Cork for 12 years. I graduated from UCC and Cork Counselling Training Institute. My loves in life are gardening, cliff walks, personal relationships, sea air and music of the 90's!

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